Artist's Statement

I use multiple media, often crossing into social practice, to explore the politics, history, and processes of mapping and social spaces through narratives that are less-known, secretly historic, problematic, or contested.

I typically use in situ, performative research that implies a destabilized, transitional situation. Beginning from my status as a tourist, a local, or a faux visionary/thinker, I search for and document experiences and situations via direct recording, collected ephemera, and mapping specific presences and movements. The resulting artworks, whether metal map forms, drawings, photos, or videos, are intentionally fragmentary, reflecting the asynchronous nature of presences (including myself) and/or situations that are out of compliance.

Via play, invention, collaboration, survival, political expression, and resistance, the process reflects my own search for dissonance, the subtle and overt transgressions that represent disorder and friction in the face of homogeneity.