Artist's Statement

I use multiple media, often crossing into social practice, to explore the the politics, history, and processes of mapping and social spaces. I explore narratives that are less-known, secretly historic, problematic, imagined and/or contested. Often I am interested in subtle and overt transgressors and transgressions whose existences represent disorder and friction in the face of homogeneity.

I typically visit land/cityscape-spaces in person, a kind of performative research that implies a destabilized, transitional situation. Beginning from my status as a tourist, a local, or a faux visionary/thinker, I document experiences and situations using direct recording, collected ephemera, and mapping specific presences and movements. The resulting art objects, whether metal map forms, drawings, photos, or videos, are fragmentary, intentionally not synchronous.

The processes of my work allow me to become more familiar with conditions that organize the world around us. They reveal in fractions the play, invention, togetherness, celebration, economic survival, political expression, and resistance of the urban quotidian.