Artist's Statement

I’m continually interested in the struggle for and realization of public and community spaces as sites of play, invention, togetherness, celebration, economic survival, political expression, and resistance. As described by theorist Michel DeCerteau, the quotidian use of public spaces, in its enormous variety, constitutes an "immense social experience."

II use multiple media, often crossing into social practice, to explore connections in and between specific communities, cities, and places. With mapping processes at the heart of it, I pursue the less-known, the secretly historic, the problematic, the imagined and the contested, looking for the subtle and overt transgressions and transgressors. I begin from my status, as a tourist, local, or pretend visionary/thinker, then peel back layers between my own status, the spirit of the situation, and the sentiments, concerns, and visions of stakeholders. It is work with others, seeking their input about their places, and including awareness of myself as an outsider. The process is messy, crucial, not always synchronous; the resulting artwork is convoluted, expansive, possibly contradictory: reflecting the "immense social experience," the city itself.